About Us

I opened my first restaurant in 1991 in Northern Italy in an area called Valle Camonica famous for its pre-historical rock carvings. This valley, surrounded by the mountains and Lake Iseo, is known for its clean air, wildlife, water, and healthy products. Today, 15 years later I am opening my first restaurant in NYC and my goal is to serve you the same quality, tasty, and healthy food that has been the key to my success in Italy. Ingredients are imported from Italy. Bread and pasta are homemade using only the finest ingredients on the market. No MSG and TRANS FAT are used in our restaurants. Italian wines and coffee complete the menu together with always fresh, homemade desserts. Our restaurants are design to make you feel at home, with an open kitchen to welcome you for a great dinner, a panino and a salad or simply for a dessert and a cappuccino…

If you are busy at work or prefer to dine at home, we offer take out and free delivery.

– Alberto Tartari
– Chef and Proprietor